Saturday, May 26, 2012

Duffle Bag Class

Oh, boy!  Are you going to be impressed with me now!  I made a duffle bag.  A big one too.
my fabric i quilted it last night

Mine and Bonnie's
We had a class today at St Paul's with the ladies from Bright Hopes in Mandeville, Chris and Linda Kay.  They were fabulous.  Not big worriers like some people are.  But they handled everyone and all the questions just fine.

Melba's with Sashiko
Caroline Sewing
And these babies are BIG! 

Everyone left with a completed duffle bag.  And even though they were the exact same thing, they all looked so different.  It was fairly easy to make, you can't be a worrier or you won't ever get through it.  

And these will be wonderful Christmas Presents, Dog Club Raffle Items and just plain useful for me!

My completed bag
I LOVE LOVE LOVE them.  Jeanette and Ann, I KNOW you are lusting after my duffle bag, huh!  Maybe that needs to be our next group sew.



  1. They look awesome.
    Loretta in La Place

  2. Your duffle bag looks great. Is there a pattern that I can buy?

  3. These look wonderful. I would like to know where to get a pattern also.


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