Sunday, May 27, 2012

Duffle Bags 2

Love that black and white
and red all over
I am all stoked making these duffle bags.  It was so cool to have done all that work and at the last moment, when you sew the very last seam, and it all seems to be coming together....and wham! it is done and perfect!
dark blue and green paws

I loved it when someone else would finish and the amazement would be there for everyone all over again!  It was so great.

I began to pull together some other combinations from my stash.  This is a quick project, as quilts go anyway.  Even though you work hard and long on it, it is relatively quick.  I can see all kinds of possibilities.  Some of my dog fabrics are in smaller quantities, so they will have to be pieced.  That will be OK for sure because they will all be different.  I have a great use for lots of them!  I want to start stockpiling things for the National Specialty and the Regional Specialty next year in April in Perry for Southbound.
dark dog fabrics

And it is a great way to get rid of some of the fabric that has been hanging around.  Won't all of these be totally radical!

On the pattern is a smaller version and some other totes with zippers, and I am looking forward to doing a couple more next week.

I have big plans for some ribs and frozen yogurt this Monday with some friends!



  1. Those fabrics just tickle my funny bone. Lorenzo like them too!

  2. What pattern did you use? Sounds like something I should try.


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