Friday, May 11, 2012

Maybe some quilting but definitely food

After I finish this post I want to get in there and get that Cotton Robin piece done and off hopefully on Monday.  I was going to spend some time with embellishments but since she does not want embellishments that makes it much easier on me!  Just some quilting and binding and it is off!

I found the most perfect backing and binding yesterday at the new Quilt Shop, which will probably always be called "the new quilt shop" hence into eternity.

I have been busy this morning.  I stopped off to visit with Josh and get some dietary info and set up and some exercises to relieve some of this pain.  I am looking forward to the resulting muscles in places I have missed them.  Frank, by proxy or rather proximity, will have a new diet and a work out plan as well.

Peaches were on sale, a great find yesterday just wandering around the place.  I cut up a gallon sized bag of them for freezing yesterday and have another bag and a half today.  The pineapples need ripening, did you know they should be inverted on to their tops to ripen?  I did not.

I could not resist the fact that there was bread to be baked in the fridge.  So I baked it and will bring Amber some tonight when I see her.  I added some new toppings such as flax seed and oatmeal and Italian seasoning.  Ann, are you up for some bread?  LOL.  I was afraid to leave it in much longer, although they say if the crust is hard the inside will stay moist.  One never knows.

Did I show you the huge beets I bought at the Farmer's Market on Saturday?  Maybe not, take it from me they were huge.  I used the greens in smoothies all week and decided to do some beet bread because it was a fabulous pinkish purplish color in the photos.  But when I cut my beets open, they were like this:

How did that happen?  I know there are golden beets, but they didn't say that to me when I bought them.  Hmm.  I will puree some of them for the bread and hope the red color comes out.

We have the ever present and perpetually happy grand-dog with us this weekend while his momma and dad go to a wedding in Florida.  Now I have two of them in the bathroom with me.  Both jockeying for position.  It does get comical.  Chloe could care less if I slipped and fell and killed myself.

Now, off to see if I can sandwich this piece before Christmas.


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  1. I've never eaten a beet in my life that didn't come out of a can! I have no clue how one would cook a beet!
    What a cutie your grand dog is!
    Hope you get lots quilted today! :)


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