Thursday, May 10, 2012

Yogurtville Update

The unfortunate yogurt maker is in the hands of professionals.  It will be shipped back to the maker for replacement.  This is a good thing, while it does bump me out of the yogurt business for a while, it will garner me a brand new yogurt maker for greatly reduced price I paid for the last one.

I was told by the "authorized repair center" man that this is a 2008 model, way outdated.  He said, they don't make these guys anymore!  LOL.   The chick was impressed by the transaction.

So the result will be a new model at the old model price.  That is a fabulous thing.  Although it would have to last for more than 4 years..........but maybe by then I will be in super production!  I love the homemade yogurt over the other store bought stuff by leaps and bounds.  the fact that it has no preservatives and no sugars makes it way more attractive to me.

Meanwhile I will bake some bread.  I have a recipe for a bread dough that does not need kneading, and you make a quantity of it, put it into the fridge and take out a hunk when you want baked bread.  You can add all kinds of things and the refrigerated dough improves in flavor and consistency the longer it sits in there.  It will last for up to two weeks so you can make a good sized recipe once and have fresh bread every night!

I have my new batch in the fridge cooling right now.  We will have flax seeds in it with some pesto swirled in.  I don't know if you can see it but DiNozzo made it his place to test taste a tiny corner of the dough.  It passed his inspection.  He had been hunting since I put it on the stove to rise.

 Isn't this the most adorable timer?  This chick times my stuff like the old timers did, not those digital ones that are so totally accurate down to the second.  10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-----wait for it--2-almost there-1!!!!!

This chick is more laid back, kinda like me.  Laid back quilting and laid back cooking.  I might add the dog timer I bought from the same place I bought the yogurt maker from didn't work.  Go figure.

glen:  off to quilt something.......


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