Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Trouble in Yogurtville

Alas, my yogurt maker has taken a vacation.  It no longer heats.  Hmmm.  Not such a good deal, right?

I have done two things.

1.  Contacted Waring Pro for a replacement, and
2.  Purchased yogurt from Wal-mart.

I needed cat food and dog yogurt so I bought some for myself.  It was just a natural progression.

I did nothing today, well, worked on CAAWS stuff.  We had a board meeting tonight.

I did make 4 stars for the Block Lotto.  I still have not won that stupid Block Lotto, and I have made 9 blocks each time.  9 is the maximum.  I really wanted some of those blocks too.  These are Slash Stars where you just take a huge block and start slashing in the shape of a star and sew it back together.  Like Buggy Barn blocks.  If you are a precise piecer you go crazy.  but if you are like me, it is right up your alley.  I want to do 5 more tomorrow.

I am thinking of starting a charity lotto, where I make up patterns and everyone send me their blocks they make.  LOL.  That would be fun.......for me at least!



  1. I'm not real precise, but I do like symmetry and these stars would probably drive me crazy! :) They are cute, but I don't think I would enjoy making them! Though I have done "slash" quilts and loved them... who knows!
    I think a group that makes quilts for charity would be a lot of fun!

  2. Oh, forgot to add, so sorry about your yogurt machine. I was on the verge of thinking I had to have one, well, guess I'll just buy my yogurt at the store! :)


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