Saturday, June 9, 2012

Insurance Rant - my foray into politics

It all started with the opening of the insurance bill for my mother.  My boiling point was tipped.

My mother is now destitute, having no assets and less than $2000 in the bank.  I applied for medicaid for her since I cannot pay for her care, my brother told me he won't give her of his money and insurance plus medicare does not cover what it costs in one month.

mom in 2005
I do have a medicare supplement and the prescription plan for her in addition to the medicare benefits my father worked all his life to earn.  Medicare does not pay nearly what it costs, and the rules favor those who have no money over those who have savings from their lifetime of work.

 I just got the notice that the medicare supplement and prescription plan will each be increased by $23 per month.

So exactly how did Obamacare make it better for my mother?

mom in 2007
I am certainly NOT in the to 1% however my tax rate is.  We are decidedly middle income and have both worked hard hard hard to pay off our house years ago and own what we own free and clear of mortgage and loans.  We have carefully invested our money and not bought things we could not afford.  We both have advanced degrees from big colleges and paid for our daughter to get a professional degree from a big college.  The insurance that Frank has through his company, a Fortune 50 company in fact, has sent out notices that they will most likely discontinue offering health insurance once the full Obamacare kicks in several years down the road.  They would prefer to pay the penalty than to have to continue providing health insurance for their employees.  It will save them millions and millions of dollars in their bottom line.

I am sure they are not alone in this.  It will be the way of the future.  I guess you know where I will be standing when the time comes to pull that lever.

I firmly believe everyone should earn what they get and that it not go into the pockets of politicians.  I want government to be responsible to the people who pay taxes not those on the welfare roles, and not make their office their lifetime job.  Those in the public sector should not have a guaranteed tenure job, but one based on merit like we do in the private sector.  And no one should guarantee welfare for you if you choose not to work, not to study, not to be productive.

But that is probably not going to get me any votes when I run for President!

glen:  ohhh........I feel better now........

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