Saturday, June 9, 2012

Quilt finishes so far in June

My challenge to myself that anyone can join in on is the  Quilt Your Quilt Tops Challenge and should help you get those finished quilt tops out of the box, off the floor and onto the finished pile.  If I can get just one box out of the way, it will make me VERY happy!  I gave up going to the Saturday Sew In so I could get the BBB quilt done.  And I will have you know, I actually put two labels on as well; the Dogs and the Corn Flower Blue quilts.  And we know how much I hate labels!

This is my progress so far:

Corn Flower Blue
Black Bold Baby

Dogs, but I can't show the front
you have to take my word for it.
The Black Bold Baby Quilt is 35 x 40 approx and is leftover patches of Kaffe Fasset set inside of 3D Flying Geese.  I did an overall meander but left the Geese open.  I may go back and do an outline stitch around the 3D geese but I kinda liked them open

amber just needs a binding
The Dogs I can't show you, but they will be a baby quilt for one of Carrie's friends who is having a boy.  She was bemoaning the fact that all the friends are having boys, and wondered what was up with that.  She wants some girls!

Tilt your head to see my Cows!
Needs a binding now, black I think.
And Amber's BQ quilt is completed but needs the binding.  I need to find where I put it.

Tonight I will put another quilt on the frame, The Cows.  I still have a bit more to take out of Dan's but that will be the quilt after the one tonight. **(I have completed the quilting in The Cows.  I did random free motion circles, pretty cool!)  The story behind The Cows is about 5 years ago, I bid $3 on a bag of cow scraps because no one was bidding on them and I was all about giving the quilt some money.  I won them with no opposition and they laughed at me for spending $3 on cows.  I have another Cow II quilt with circles set into the blocks.  That will be quilted before the end of the month too.....hopefully!

So I have 5 so far completed, or needing binding, which is mostly completed.

This is exciting!

How are YOU doing finishing up some of those quilt tops?


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