Friday, June 1, 2012

My Bad Awful Day

You know I had a pretty good day, until 6:30 PM. That is when we met Dan and Amber for dinner at City Cafe. That was good, but some idiots smashed the passenger side window and stole my purse.......and all my ID and credit cards and CCs coffee card and photos of my dogs and check books for me and my mom's accounts. And my RFID wallet, I need to have a credit card to get a new one and right now they have all been cancelled. 

The culprits imediatly charged $50.13 at a gas stations we were talking to the credit card company. So tomorrow I will get a new checking account, a new drivers license and a new everything else. We have Lifelock so it was easy to deal with the things.

 But what is the most upsetting is the fact that Frank told me three times that it was my fault because I took my purse and put it in the fro t floor up under the dashboard. It was not my fault, well I did leave my purse in the car, but he parks in the nether regions of parking lots, and there are criminals in this world.

 We just happened to collide tonight. Right through Frank's window.

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  1. I'm so sorry about your purse, that will totally screw up an otherwise good day. :(


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