Friday, June 1, 2012

Do I get to Quilt Yet?

This is me, up early.  Heading out to get my identity back.  I am driving with no driver's license, so I find my passport and my old driver's license.  At least if I get stopped I can say I am on my way to the DL office.  I don't have a police report because the deputy who took the report didn't get to finish.  he had to respond to a call for backup where someone was being held at gunpoint.  I was hoping it was my robbers fighting over my valuable purse.  And they would all get shot trying to escape.

This is me at the driver's license bureau standing in line for like 2 1/2 hours, while the system went down when I was second in line, to get a new license.

This is me at the bank for 3 hours while they shut down my checking account and my mom's account and re-opened new accounts for both.  Their system went down while I was there, I am beginning to get a complex.

Frank wanted lunch after his van window was replaced so we stopped at Cheeburger, Cheeburger and got a Cheeburger and Dr. Pepper.  And onion rings, but he was not allowed to have any of my onion rings.  He did get a strawberry malt.  They make them so good there.  Like the old soda shops used to make them.

This is me at the water company, paying the bill they debited from the account, like 5 minutes after I shut the account down.  They charged me $25 for a non-negotiable transaction and I had to go back to the bank to get a letter stating my account was shut down due to fraud.  Back at the water company, they removed the $25 fee and a 0.52 cent late fee, since the account was not actually late.  Geez.

Then I had to go to my mom's nursing home and pay them with a cashier's check because that was due today.  $4758.92 for one month.  Spend your money when you can enjoy a nice cruise each month for that amount of money.  It is the last time they will get paid.  That leaves her less than the required $2000 and she goes on medicaid.  So sad.

Then I spent the next hour looking for Frank's wallet.  Yep, he had the audacity to lose his wallet today of all days.  After he verbally assaulted me with the fact it was MY fault all this happened.  HE looses his wallet.  At about 35 minutes into tearing the house apart for the third time, I informed him that losing his wallet was WAY worse than leaving my purse in a locked car and having some idiots break into it.  He was not amused at my timing.

I got to go to Hancock's and pick up some binding fabric for the Cornflower Blue quilt so I can do that tonight.  And I had to treat myself to these dogs since I had such a bad day.   Of course I had to make sure I had enough cash since neither of us have any credit cards or checks.  But I have DOGS!

So happy!

glen:  binding tonight!

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  1. What a day you had, enough to make you scream I'm sure! I would have made one more stop after Hancock's (love that fabric, by the way!) I would have stopped SOMEWHERE to get a rather large bottle of chocolate wine, or whatever wine is YOUR favorite. And by now, I'd be snoozing after drinking the entire bottle alone all by myself. (hands off my bottle!)
    I had the same issues with my parents and money after they had to go and live in a long term care center. Very depressing.


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