Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wednesday has me at the Vet

Not a big problem, Chloe the Smelly Basset has something going on with her gum around her canine tooth.  Red and inflamed, I am thinking she has something stuck in there.

Those bassets are like little low to the ground garbage cans.  They eat anything that comes into their path.  They don't even have to SEE it, they just have to SMELL it.

I put the backing for Dan's quilt on the frame this morning, and I will, hopefully, come home this afternoon with some 50% off fabrics.....the last time.....I promise!

Lunch out and then a dog client.

Then searching around for the binding I have for Amber's quilt, and I guess for Dan's quilt as well since they are pretty much alike.  I have no idea where I put it, all my "common" places are bereft of binding.

glen:  I have to work on getting a picture of Chloe The Smelly Basset standing, all my pics seem to have her reclining in some format or other.......hmmmm

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