Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Chloe Diagnosis

She always is carrying something with her
I did some damage at the quilt shop again.  Not sure how many yards but I bought another $117 of fabric.  Got 50% off, this is the last chance to do that, so I took advantage of it.

I will show them to you and tally it up tomorrow.

Chloe.  She was so excited to get in the car and be going to PetsMart!  She was all proud of herself looking out and riding in the back seat.  Then when I got to the vet's office and opened the door she jumps out all excited to be going in to PetsMart!  She looks around and that tail just drooped.  It was so funny to see the disappointment when she realized she was NOT at PetsMart!

Two balls actually fit in her mouth
She has a tumor on her gumline over the canine tooth.  He was not too upset about it though.  He says it is like a cyst sac and when we do the teeth cleaning on Wednesday he will remove it and have it biopsied.  He is fully expecting it to be totally benign.

Maybe someone will come see me
As we were talking about Peru and the Panama Canal as the vacation of 2012/13, he was just doing a check of the dog body.  He put a stethoscope on her chest, got a puzzled look on his face.  He asked me to switch places and hold her mouth.  He looked at me, I said, what?  What do you hear?  (My dogs always have really weird stuff, stuff that is really really weird and expensive.)

Poor DiNozzo, always left out of the
car rides 
Heart murmur, he states unequivocally.  How many times had he and Alfred Stevens listened to this dog's chest?  She is 8.  And I have actually brought her in to have her heart and lungs evaluated because of this throwing herself down on our walks.  He rated it as less than a "1" with 6 being bad bad bad.  He says it is NOT why she throws herself down on walks, that is strictly basset stubbornness.


  1. What, you took Chloe to the vet and she didn't get a Mickey "D's" burger? My dogs always get a burger when they go to the vet. Poor girl!! You should have taken her to Petsmart just to make her happy, after all, you are her human slave are you not? *grin* Give the smelly Bassets a hug from me and my girls!

  2. Poor Chloe and poor DiNozzo! Lorenzo says you play favorites just like his humans do and Lilly seconds that. Leeapaul just says to the good doggie goes the spoils. Hope everything works out.

  3. Sounds like you have you hands full with the dogs health issues. Hopefully all turns out well. I can wait to see what you bought and how many yards you walked out with! Just think - you saved $117! There is a shop in the area that may be closing. I have a friend that works there so she will be giving me a heads up on when the stuff goes on sale. I have a feeling I will be doing some serious damage, but then again you can't beat those sale prices.


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