Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fabric Finds at 50% Off

Hey, I saw Joni there!  And a ton of other people as well, taking advantage of the 50% off.  It is not often we get that here, unless a shop closes or like this one, reduces inventory to move.  There is another shop opening in Denham Springs, on the 19th of June.  I guess there will be sales there as well!

Here are my Fabulous Fabric Finds!

I saw someone like V and Co who had a purse made from camo material.  I loved it.  I just recycled the findings from a damaged pair of capri pants that had all these metal pieces on it.  Perfect for the Camo Purse.  Now I need to find that pattern.  Here are the fab fabrics!  Don't you just love the grey and yellow?

I purchased a huge diamond ruler last time I was in there.  It was originally $29.99 and I got 40% off that for it.  It also includes a small diamond shape template as well.  I bought this gradation fabric to play with that ruler some.  Large diamonds!  Yes.

Then there was the Southwest Flavor that pulled me in.  I love these colors and just had to combine them to make something.  Not sure what, but something!  It even FEELS like Mexico!

As O was standing in line behind Ann ( who was in the mood for Black and Whites) I remembered I needed the backing for Judy Laquidara's quilt I have renamed Africa.  It is busy but it is an incredible match for not having the quilt anywhere near the shop and it being a UFO for the last year.  Yes!

And here it is with the African Women Borders.  Good thing that fabric is not going on the front!  LOL.

And finally, here are the Tree of Life blocks I won at the last meeting.  I kept thinking of that light blue dot fabric that would be perfect for them.  So here it is, married together in a ceremony that lasted just a few minutes!  Another perfect setting for some odd blocks.   I also got the green dots like these blue guys.  But the picture I took of them makes them look like they are green with a green background.

Since I am in the mode to finish the Challenge I have set for myself, I am not starting anything just yet.  Finish, Finish, Finish!

I can do the Africa quilt next, but Dan's need to be quilted first.

glen:  good finds this time.

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  1. OMG, I LOVE that orange and turquoise fabric, my two favorite colors! And that ombre fabric is gorgeous! Lucky you. :)


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