Friday, July 20, 2012

Chloe the Smelly is Home

I worked on putting the top together for my Paint Chip Challenge and got that done.  Now for the borders.  And it will be finished.  It is looking good!

Blue ribbon material here.  You betcha!

Chloe came home today along with Cali who had her fluid dialysis and is pissed at me for taking her to the vet in the first place.  But tomorrow she will feel better.

I vant to be left alone.....
Paparazzi look at the celebrity's
new nose job!
Chloe has some heavy drugs, an antibiotic, and two, count them TWO painkillers.  Must be painful.  Her nose job is obvious in the swelling on the side of her muzzle.  And the inside of her nose is bloody red. I imagine this is fine and will improve daily.  She goes back in two weeks.

She felt great coming home and passed out asleep from the effort.  Then she woke for her dinner and I added extra water in her kibble because she needs to get the anesthesia out of her system.  She ate it all and drank some as well.

Then the pills knocked her out again.  She is oozing a bit from her nose, an unpleasant side effect.  Of course she wants to lay on the sofa.  And she must be hurting because she tried to bite DiNozzo's nose off when he smelled at her mouth.  That settled him down pretty quickly.  He is nothing if obedient to his elder women.

Sigh....when will she be home?
He had been so sad, looking and waiting for Chloe to come home, just look at that face.

Looking for Chloe 
We are ALL glad to have her home and safe with us.  Thanks for your thoughts of Chloe in her surgery and I hope you can continue to send her your healing thoughts.  The worst is over, she will only get better!


  1. Poor dear Chloe. I know she feels much better at home.

  2. Poor baby! I hope she feels better soon.

  3. Awe, bless her little heart, I hope she's feeling much better very quickly. Gentle hugs and kisses to her and DiNozzo as well.

  4. What a sweety! It's hard for us moms when our babies have to be at the vets overnight after surgery. When my abbey went in last year I couldn't sleep thinking of her waking up by herself. I was there as soon as the vets office opened the next day. Wishing cloe all the best :-)


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