Friday, July 20, 2012

Blue RibbonFriday Plan for Quilting and the Cats

I took the cat in early this morning to get a fluid dialysis done.  She was not a happy kitty and once again, cursed like a sailor all the way there, demanding to get let out of the crate and released.  Cali is an interesting kitty.  She will take out her frustrations on a dog when she gets home, otherwise she leaves them pretty much alone.

Whitney Dallas
Whitney Dallas would go hunt up a dog when she wanted a challenge.  All my Swissys had their noses handed back to them on occasion by that tiny cat.  And she was a huntress.  She eliminated all birds in the area of our house in less than a year and kept them gone for the next 16.  She taught all my dogs manners.  I miss that girl.

Chips was the garrulous old guy who weighed in at 22 pounds of svelte catflesh, but was as timid as a mouse.  He was beaten up by the girls regularly, and any cat who happened to know where the big guy lived.  He was not a friendly guy, but I do miss him.  He was a good guy.

Oh, yes, I am working on my Paint Chip Challenge once again.  I have gotten the blocks quilted and nearly together and now I am looking to have the borders on by this weekend.  I really wish I could show you the fabulousness of this quilt, but it will be judged at the August Meeting and no one can know it is mine.

I know there are some who have their friends keyed in to their pieces so the votes can go that way, but I  think fairness is best.  So no pictures or description until the day after.

Hopefully with a nice blue ribbon!


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