Friday, August 10, 2012

Commenter and Commentee

1872 Comments So Far

And 856 posts.  I am thinking about a winner.........I am not sure if it will be someone who comments on the 1000th post pulled by random number.


The person who posts the 2000th comment.

Maybe both!  LOL.  I have some patterns that have been hanging around my quilt room for a long long time, and a couple of books.  Maybe one of them will go to a random1000th post commenter or the 2000th commenter.

I guess I would be the Commentee and you the Commenter.  So Commenters, be alert for the post where you could become enriched with a pattern or a book!

Speaking of comments, Lynn Roddy Brown set up a blog!  She googled her name, as many of the quilt people do I know, and found my post on her class!  She emailed me!  LOL.

I feel like I talked to Elvis.....almost!



  1. My goodness you have been busy! But I guess that happens when you become a celebrity! It is a sad though about that poor dog being tossed. I am so glad they caught the guy. How about e-mailing me Lynn Roddy Brown's blog site address?

  2. Who is Lynn roddy brown? Guess I will google her and find out :-)


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