Friday, August 10, 2012

What A Good Girl I Was!!!

I sat through 16 miles of winding single lane roads to see the Civil War Battlefield at Vicksburg.  We lost, ya know.

Anyway, did I say it was 16 miles of winding roads........and lots of open fields with steles ???  And a cemetery of only union troops?  What fun is that?  We did get to see the reconstruction of the ironclad ship The Cairo (pronounced like caro syrup.). That was worth the trip.

Anyway, for being a good girl and not complaining, he found the StitchN Frame quilt shop!!  8000 bolts of incredible fabric, 6 gammils set up with stapler stickers all a going!

I bought a couple of strip sets, one a tonga and one a moda called max and whiskers......totally adorable!!

It is pouring down raining, and lightening struck the light pole about 20 ft ahead of the van.......we were a bit freaked by the explosion!!!!

more later!!!!!


  1. wow, I'm impressed by your patience but you knew you would be rewarded now didn't you ;-0 the tonga alone is worth at least 12 miles.
    and now I'm feeling guilty just sitting on my porch all day yesterday watching the rain come down, drinking coffee, listening to a book and hand sewing - not really it was heaven :-)

  2. and now for a happy ending dog story that I saw on the news last night - I love hearing the good stories like this when good caring people as yourself and your man make a difference.

  3. I love the quilt n frame. I have never physically been there but the website is awesome and I buy fabric from them all the time. they have a thursday special email that goes out every thursday with great sales.

    you earned those strip sets, girl!


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