Monday, September 17, 2012

Design Wall Monday 9-17-12

For the count down:  899 posts published and 1953 comments.

For those of you who don't know what we are doing, I am counting down to 2000 comments and 1000 posts.  The people who comment on the 1000th post will be in a drawing for a pattern and maybe more.  And the person who hits the 2000th post will get a prize!

So hang with me!  We are coming down to the wire.  I talk a lot!

So what is on my design wall.  Well, Paperweights......again!  Or rather......Still!

But I keep adding, it is still slow going.  Finding the time in the last two weeks with all that has been happening is difficult.

Not sure if you can see, but I put some together so see how that would work; how easy it would be and how flat they would lay .  The ones that are together, see the yellow on the bottom, up from there to the right is the purple, the red and the pink.  Those three are together with their associated black star thing.  The star thing is made from four kites.  

Those kites go together easily, well, the circles go together easily as well.  It is the cutting of everything that is time consuming here.  But I sat in front of hte TV and cut and didn't notice the time.

While I sew I am listening to the CD of Innocent Traitor by Alison Weir.  It is about Lady Jane Grey who was Queen of England for a very short time after Henry died and son Edward died and before Mary took the throne.  Lots of intrigue and beheadings!  Elizabeth took the throne after Mary.


  1. hope you reach your goal for comments soon! Interesting looking quilt you are working on.

  2. I am going to try your method and hopefully I'll have more than one done.

  3. I love your paperweight quilt! I can't wait to see it all finished! I may have to put that on my ever growing long list of quilts I want to make before I die!!!

  4. Your paperweight quilt is wonderful. The recent issue of Quiltmania has a pattern for this quilt. With the Y seams, it looks pretty hard. You are going to have a beautiful quilt, soon it looks like.

  5. Your paperweights are pretty! I love reading the early history of Great Britain -- I bet the book is fabulous! :)

  6. Seems like we are working along the same lines - love how your blocks look.

  7. Glenda
    I am so fascinated by this quilt.
    Patti J

  8. Great countdown!

    The paperweights are so fun--I love all the colors and variety. Hope they continue to play nice as you sew!


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