Monday, September 17, 2012

Frank's Bad Awful Day

When Carrie was a little girl, she requested a book a night before bedtime.  One of the most requested books was the Seasame Street Grover's Bad Awful Day.  Everything went wrong pfor por Grover that bad, awful day.  But he got through it.  We would often refer to Carrie's or mom's or dad's bad awful day when any of us had one.

So today was Frank's.  He got yelled at at breakfast by me.  (He was guilty, don't worry! ).    Then he had a meeting with the Dog Parade Committee and walked into a glass door.  It knocked him bad on his butt!  He picked himself up from the floor to see 5 attractive young skinny secretaries rushing over to help him!

In the car later he noticed his nose was bleeding.  Then he headed to the foot doctor and noticed his ear was bleeding.  So he goes into the bathroom and stick toilet paper on it!  WOW!  Can you imagine what he looked like?  An idiot.  And of course I had left my camera at home.....

So the doc comes in, looks pensively at the offending toe, mumbles something ominous, and leaves.  A few minutes later the nurse comes in and lays out some utensils and leaves.  Frank asked me what was on the tray.  

I replied, it doesn't look good for you!

Now he sits on the sofa, with toilet paper on his ear.....still.....and his foot propped up.  He is getting a bit of a black eye, that ought to be interesting when he goes to meet with the plant guys tomorrow!

Since I spent all day with him and cooking dinner ,I think I will treat myself to a bit of some sewing tonight!


  1. Poor Frank! That is an awful bad nasty day.

  2. Poor Frank - after today I think the rest of the week will be much better. Thanks for the memory.... I read that same story to my sons!

  3. Poor Frank, yes, that is a very good example of a bad awful day. Hope he's feeling much better. And hope you got some sewing in!

  4. here is your third Poor Frank! At least he didn't break the glass! My son just had a bad toe - a horrible ingrown toe nail that had become infected - but no walking into windows, nose or ear bleeds!

  5. Once again, Poor Frank! It makes my bad awful day not feel so bad after all.


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