Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Auction Wins! I Am Fondling My Fabrics......

Last night was the auction fro Rememeber Me Guild.  They do up a Country Fair with hot dog  vendors (why did I not take pictures of this?????), a cake walk to die for, button toss games and lots and lots and lots of silent auction items.

My sewing buddy Ann won big this year.  She more than doubled what I took home.  But we got awesome bargains.

Ann's 3 bags of auction wins
She had a basket of deep gorgeous reds to die for, and I got the rich blues.  The treasures were so wonderful.  I kept walking around and trying to calculate in my head what it would cost me to purchase the item and then I bid below that.  There were 12 tables full of baskets of fabrics, fat quarters, yardage, notions, patterns.  There were even blocks cut out and ready to put together.  On one wall were 6 quilts that were finished and being raffled off.   Ann won one of those even!

The green flowers in that picture on the right is an iron caddy, without the iron of course!

These are the blues I won,  #149 for $7.00!

What is in this box?  You will be so excited!  Dots!  Yardage too, not even fat quarters!  Aren't they just beautiful?  Stephanie makes me want dots, she is a bad bad influence!  But I got it for $15.00

Here is a close up of those blues.  Luscious!  I have some to add to it and can see that as a strip quilt made into diamonds.

These are the greens, and again, they are yardage rather than fat quarters.  I won that one for $10.00

Then there were these fat quarters bundled up in a bag tied off with golden ribbon.  In there I could see two Laurel Burch fabrics.  Yes!  I got this for $12.  Kind of a hodge podge of fabrics, but those Laurel Burch cats were worth the price of admission!

Then there were the light colored hand dyes I won.  Two of them!  Yes.  One was $7 and one was $9.  Amazing.

Once you had bid all you could bid, and people began to hover over things they wanted and would pounce on it the minute you upped the ante, time was called.  Sheets were picked up and these handsome MBA students got out their calculators and went to town.  The Country Cowgirls picked up the wins and placed them into your numbered bag.  When you were ready to pay for your wins, you took your number card over, picked up your bag, and got your total.

My total was $110.  Not bad for all I got.  And I came home with brownies, chess pie squares, 3 kinds of cookies and something chocolaty and fabulous with hot peppers mixed in it.  No idea what that was but it was good.

Word came out this morning that the Guild made over $4000 in the auction.  That ought to get us some good teachers this next year!

And the River City Auction comes up in October.  So I have to save that money from the washing machine!


  1. what a good idea to raise money to have quilt teachers come to you. Do you have a lot of people in your guild - the one I quit a couple years ago only has about 20 active members and they never wanted to spend money on anything and were a penny pinching bunch!


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