Thursday, September 20, 2012

Elephants of Sri Lanka and the Lady Jane Grey

You will be very happy to know that Charlene H. now has, in her possession, my Ellies!  YES!  She is a brilliant quilter and will do such a special job on this quilt.  I can't wait to see it.

A couple of weeks ago I brought them to show her, she came right up with a great quilting idea.  She is so smart!  I had to trim up the top and create the backing for it.

When I purchased that backing, I bought 5 yards, thinking it would be more than enough.  But it was not.  I needed about a yard and half more!  Leftover fabric from the borders made up the difference.

This will be a big claim on my Stash Reduction report on Sunday.

I had some time today to work on the final circles and half circles for the Paperweights.  (Poor Lady Jane Grey.  She was part of a plot to keep a Protestant as leader and thus thwart Mary, who was Henry VIII's oldest surviving child and an unmarried woman of 31.  Queen Jane was not even 17 when she was manipulated onto the throne.  And it was just a matter of weeks, because once it was known that the boy King Edward was dead, Mary began to raise an army to take her rightful place as Queen of England.  And Anne Boleyn's daughter Elizabeth was not far behind her.  Poor Jane, I am sure she will be beheaded.)

I finished up the paperweights, I spent some time rearranging the colors.  I decided to toss one of the light green circles and make a darker brighter one.  And am now piecing them together.  I have one row completed.  I am afraid it will be too small a quilt.  But that would require 7 more circles.  Doable but not desirable!

As you can see, I am ready to move on to an Auction  Win.  It is a completely cut out quilt, waiting to be assembled!


  1. I love English History. The poor women who lived at the time of King Henry VIII didn't have much of a chance. When Queen Elizabeth finally made it to the throne she had to watch her back constantly. Some how she survived 40+ years (I would have to look it up) as queen of England.

    I love that cake quilt.

  2. Those ellies are going to be fantastic! I am still plugging away at my paperweights in-between cutting rectangles for Krotz Springs mystery and Wicked. Wishing for a sew weekend away from home. Wonder if Stelly will be up for a trip to Abita Springs soon.


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