Saturday, September 22, 2012

Good Work If You Can Get It

Saturday (why is my keyboard wet?)  Maybe I don't want to know.

I have completed a top I won at the Auction on Tuesday.  It brought in 8 yards of fabric but I used 6 yards in the quilt.  I think they stuck some random yard pieces in there that just didn't go with it.  And I am using up a purple batik flower for the backing along with a piece of purple butterfly fabric from Pat's stash.

I worked all day yesterday and again after we walked the dogs at 9:30 pm.  Did I mention we have grand-dog Hugeaux with us as well?  See him sleeping angelically on the studio bed?  Talk about a mess, four dogs are a bit much.  (But still, why is my keyboard wet?)

The purple batik flower was purchased at $2 a yard and I bought 5 yards of it.  And I am using all 5 plus that butterfly piece.  It is not the "perfect" piece for the back but it will be OK.  The person who gets it will not be concerned with matchy matchy stuff.

I want to get the back pieced together and the whole thing put on the quilt frame.  I think I want to do some great looping circles for which I will have to invent a pantograph.  Or purchase one and wait for it to come in.  That would certainly delay the quilt going on the frame.  I have to think about that while I am putting the back together.

The Pattern is called Lockblocks and is a pattern from a local designer, Janice Lowenthal.  It came to me all cut in precise pieces that went together so easily.  In fact, it was the easiest quilt I have ever put together.   That says something about my cutting, doesn't it.  I just don't do neat.

I would not have chosen this pattern to do, but in the end I liked it.  Like I said, it was simple and quick and went together with not a problem.  Well, there were two vertical rows I switched the colors in and had to rip and redo the color placement.

glen:  have you noticed I seem to be collecting brown and white spotted dogs?


  1. This is a very cool quilt. I like the color combination. I hear you about the cutting. No matter how careful I try to be, my cutting still needs something.

  2. you get so much done! how do you do it? I like the quilt also, once it's quilted especially, I can see it draped on a couch. You probably don't have the time but a close meander would make it feel really nice.

    Abbey told me that McGee has been secretly using your computer at night - he's joined "bad dogs anonymous" on facebook and is getting advice on how to show you how sorry he is for chewing up your book. That's probably how your keyboard got wet:-)


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