Sunday, September 23, 2012

Prize Count Down! Two Ways to Win!

Saturday at 2 pm we had 1992 comments.  Waiting for #2000!  Will you be the lucky one?

And we had 908 published posts.  We are waiting for the people who comment on #1000 to go into the pot for a drawing!

Two lucky ways to win!

And I have joined in the UR Priceless Blog Hop.  We get to do a wonderful coin purse and share it with you!  I am so excited.  Watch for the big reveal on my day.  Meanwhile I also have the Leafs Me it is.......the leaf Blog Hop coming up.  I have a wonderful tutorial for you, my sweets.  And Wicked!  Ah!  So Wicked!  Another Blog Hop of Halloween blocks!  Can't wait for that one!

Stash Report - LILO  (Lots In/Lots Out)

Even with the Remember Me Auction I am ahead still!  Yes!  Good fabric Management.

used this week -17.08
used in Sept 24.33
added this week 28.5
Add in Sept 29.5
Used YTD -168.33
Added YTD 157.5
Stash reduction -10.83

This is Lockblocks by Janice Lowenthal.  I won it in the Auction for $18 as already cut blocks.  Total fabric was about 6 yards used but it came with two extra yards that didn't go anywhere.  Weird greens.  And the rest of the usage was quilt backs for both the Ellies and Lockblocks.


  1. Great project and your numbers look good too!

  2. What is the prize for the lucky winner? (And no you can't give McGee the book eater as a prize) ;-)

  3. Wow what a great win - love that colorful quilt top!!! You are going to be busy doing all those hops :*) I decided to give myself a break for a while and skip these next few. Hopefully I'll be ready to do some more the first of the year. Great job on your stash numbers :*)


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