Monday, September 24, 2012

Post #2000 Winner

In 2000 BC Stonehennge was completed and the Twin Dynnasty began in Egypt.  In 2000 AD the census in the United States told us we had
281,421,906 people in the country, 13.2% more than the 1990 census.

And now we have passed the 2000 mark here at Quilts And Dogs!

We have a winner!  I always want to say, we have a wiener!  LOL. But Sophie is not a wiener.

We can always use some new friends so check out her blog and her new house at

Where she has a great set of freebie blocks and tips and techniques.

Sophie, you win the pattern from Me and My Sister designs called Hula Hoops.  How 'bout that?  Just send me your snail mail addy at obed101(at)

And thanks to all the peop,e who took the time to post 2000 posts back to me.  I love you all!!!


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  1. Wow. I'm shocked ... I have won a contest that I didn't realize I had entered. Email with my info is on the way.


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