Wednesday, September 26, 2012

To Do List for Today

Not that I will get everything done, but I wanted to make a to do list for today.  Most of it involves sewing something, so it is good for you to see this.  And I want you to all marvel at how "organized" I am, at least for this morning.

I have for a long time, wanted to make pouches for each of the machines I have.  I want to have all the accessories and necessary items for each machine in a kit of sorts.  but I have never gotten around to making them.  I have developed a nice idea that each machine should be color coded and thus, all its stuff will make it back into the right pouch.  Or like, if I am going to a retreat and want to bring a specific machine, I can just pick up the right color pouch and have ALL the stuff I need.

Not that it has ever happened before that I actually have all the stuff I need when I go to a retreat.  Everyone knows that I have a great husband who has no problem bringing whatever I need, provided he can find it in my very messy and totally unorganized quilt room.  He has even brought stuff for OTHER people.  He is just that nice of a guy.

1.  I need to make three color coded pouches large enough to hole a whole set of stuff for each machine.

I am doing three blog hops.  One of which will be when I am on a retreat in two weeks.  So I need to have everything set up for that one, and the next one at least begun and scheduled.

2.  Do the tutorial for Leafs Me Happy for my post and link to the tutorial.  I have it completed, I just need to make my leaf in fall colors to comply with the theme.  Not a problem as they are pretty easy to do!  And I love them.

Betty Jean called me yesterday and asked if I could make a quilt for her little girl who is going to turn 2 in a couple of months.  LOL.  She is good, she didn't call me the week before!  I made the baby girl a quilt when she was born and she takes it everywhere!  I love it.  That is the perfect quilt!
Maylee back

Maylee's Baby Quilt
I have some ideas but I don't have her email address.  I did give her mine, and ask her to send me some of her ideas that she likes, but I have not heard from her yet.  I am chafing at the bit wanting to get started on something for her.  And I just had the idea to include one of her shirts and one of Dennis' shirts as well!  My, am I smart or what?
The picture was taken 7-11

3.  Get Betty Jean's email and exchange some baby quilt ideas with her.

I have this blue jean quilt, remember that?  I bought some red cotton to quilt it with but I have not been able to find that stuff anywhere.  So I guess it is time to buy more, it has been nearly 7 months now.  Maybe more than that.  Yep.  Maybe I need to section it to make two quilts.  This was only 4 pairs of blue jeans and the infamous dockers Frank asked me if I could do anything with.  See that hilarious story here.

4.  So I need to head to Hobby Lobby or Joann's to get red perle cotton for hand quilting.

The stupid cute little boy dog McGee rolled in something dead two days ago.  Frank stood there and laughed at him, positioning his shoulder to get maximum coverage.  And I mean dead like in Casey Anthony's trunk dead.  Boy did he smell bad.  I washed him off with some antibacterial spray from the kitchen.  No good.  I took kitchen detergent and washed him up and down his back.  No good.

Then I took some Nature's Miracle Dog Shampoo designed to get out the most stubborn basset smell, and it was no good even!  So about every 6 hours I wash him down with something else.  This morning he is  better.  But the remnant of the smell occasionally wafts in my direction.  He thinks he smells wonderful.  As does DiNozzo, he keeps going over to McGee and smelling up and down his back.  Two peas in a pod, those two are.  I am sure the REAL DiNozzo would be making fun of poor McGee by now.  Maybe he is, you never know what dogs are saying to each other.

5.  Wash McGee.  Again.

I need to cook tonight.  Chicken.  We had meat loaf for the last two days so I need chicken now.  I am thinking something Mexican, maybe chicken enchiladas.  I ate the sour cream I bought for it when I ate the flat pretzel chips the other day.  It was good and I kept saying, only one more, I need this for the know how that goes.

6.  Take chicken out to defrost.  And put my recipe up for you to enjoy.  And ge more sour cream.

I am sure there is more, but if I don't get out and do some of this, the day will be gone.



  1. Omg! I am exhausted just reading about all you have to do ;-) and will be very impressed if, no when, you make those pouches. I too have dreams of being organized with all my fabric neatly folded and stored in color coded drawers, gadgets neatly arranged, all UFO's put away and labeled. But alas that is just not happening anytime soon. I will live vicariously thru you when you become organized though, so let us know when that happens:-).

  2. What colors for what machines? I'll help on the 4th if you trust me. I am designing Dee's lap top bag and placement of zipper is giving me fits! As anyone who knows me understands!


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