Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Remember when........

Remember when......

we had a lot of fun doing the zig zag quilts together?  Well, if you loved them, check this out:

Her surf and sand quilt is gorgeous!

Oh, and to let you know how much I actually got done today:

1.  went to grocery store and got sour cream ---- but I ate the sour cream with the rest of the bag of potato chips I had in there for supper when Frank was late and stopped off and got a hamburger for himself.  So now I STILL need sour cream for the enchiladas I will make for tomorrow night.

2.  went to Hobby Lobby and got a ripper, a tape measureer to put in the pouch I wanted to make for the machines.  I did get the red cotton thread to start the quilting on the blue jean quilt but I nearly forgot and had to get out of line to go back and pick it up

3.  made a wide mouth pouch with a really cool zipper tha is big enough to fit most of the special items that go with a machine.  I could have made two more for the other machines, but McGee was being a nut case and chewing on everyting in sight.  He ate the hoodie I made for him and started on DiNozzo's hoodie.  (they wear snoods when they eat to keep their ears out of the food) (Chloe's ears don't go in her food form some reason, only the boys).   He gummed up and spit on DiNozzo's so I just washed them all and now they are drying for the morning.

Such a puppy.  He goes in for his first heartworm tx early next week.  I don't know how I am going to keep him down!



  1. That surf and sand zig zag was beautiful! It was interesting to see how it was made - flying geese blocks! That was a new one for me. Now go buy some more sour cream - buy twice as much as you think you need, because it seems like you are putting it on everything! LOL!

  2. you probably know this but
    HIDE THE TV REMOTE! When Abbey was young she went through 2 of them before we got in the habit of hiding it - cost us $70 bucks each time ;-( luckily she got over the chewing phase.


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