Thursday, September 27, 2012

Putting Positive Thoughts To Work

I got an email from my buddy Danielle with some good advice.  She puts out these thoughts that sort of go against the grain of what is being thought of as politically correct right now.

She says successful people never apologize for being successful.  We will always be too much of something (loud, soft, rich, better at sewing a seam) for someone, but that should not change who we are.

If you make a mistake, certainly apologize, but never for a success or who you are.  I felt that was very thought provoking.  Don't you like what she has to say? I thought if we stop apologizing or feeling guilty for being successful, then we can open up to becoming more successful and stop being stressed for being successful!  Whew!  Maybe I will get more done?

Obviously I don't know how to spell successful, I left out a c in each one of the boogers.

In other news.......

I did get a big mouth pouch made.  It started as a square 12 wide by 8 deep.  Isn't it huge?  I love it.  And what I like is that I can see in the darned thing.  Even though the inside turned out a bit darker than I thought it would, I can still see all the stuff in there.

The zipper is done a bit differently, this is one side of it, neat and closed, and the other side sort of hangs off to give you a good grip on the thing when you go to close it.

I like that.

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