Thursday, September 27, 2012

Two Quilts To Live In Texas

These quilts will go to a dear friend of mine who lives in Keller TX.  We met years and years ago over a couple of tri-colored dogs.  We crossed paths several times at activities, the local clubs were very active back then because we all worked hard to set things up.  No so much today, no one sets up picnics or club things anymore.

We hiked together, we went to Fun Day Picnics, had weight pulls and we showed our beautiful dogs at shows all over the south and southwest.  Now, both of our dogs are gone, crossed that Rainbow Bridge, taking a piece of our hearts with them.
But the friendship remained, and we still talk every once in a while.  When I am in the Dallas area I call and try to see her.

And I can think of no better place to send my quilts than to my dear friend in Texas.

The Merlot Grapevine was made in 2006 in response to a challenge issued by a local guild.  We were to take a block and change it by adding a line or subtracting a line.  The new block would be used in a quilt we were to design.  When I made the change in my block, it looked like a grapevine trellis to me, hence the grapes.  I am not the best applique person, but they have stayed on all these years!

The Christmas quilt was a fun way to use up my pieces.  On the back of this Christmas quilt I used a large piece of fabric that has Swissy pups dressed in sweaters, like they really need sweaters!

Have happy  thoughts of me and the Swissys when you snuggle up with my quilts.


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  1. You better call me when you come to Dallas!! lol


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