Saturday, September 1, 2012

Saturday Quilting Fun

Sounds like a magazine:  Saturday Quilting Fun - Issue 278 vol. 3 ed. 12

I guess it is sort of a magazine anyway, this blog is.  (that probably won't pass the editors!)

I am still upset about the three feet of water in my brother's house.  I cannot imagine, truly.  How there is just nothing left.  The impact of his words when he said them, We will get the skiff and go through the house to see if there is anything we can salvage.

All my pictures, my history, my life, my stuff would be gone if we had three feet of water.  I want to do something to help them, but really there is nothing.  He is not the first of my family to have water, Cousin Karen had water several years ago.  And the Northern Cousins have blizzards and snow storms to contend with.

Ok, this is supposed to be Saturday FUN!  Me and my "ever faithful companion who is never 2 steps away from me" decided we would quilt a bit on The Mystery Quilt.  It is on the frame and I chose the thread yesterday.  I actually got two whole rows done before we were called away to dinner with Press and Ann.

I was reminded of how hot it is in that dining room,  even with my bright primary color fan blowing on me.  I had purchased two of the mercury lights to replace the incandescent bulbs in the lamps attached to the frame parts.  So I changed them out.  Frank hates these new eco lights because of the danger of the mercury.  He says the disposal of them is worse than any damage to the environment and cost to the consumer from the other lights.    I just wanted a cooler burning light.

After I changed the lights, I was hungry and it is only 10 am so I ate a Morning Glory muffin.  I need to make some again, I promised Tiger to bring him some during the week.

These are like the healthiest and best things you have ever had in your mouth.  And yes, I did give you the recipe.  Click here for it again.

this time instead of vegetable oil I used coconut oil.  It is healthier and doesn't go into fat storage in your body.  I was interested in seeing what the taste would be, but there is no difference at all.  That I could taste anyway.

Try it either way.  They are worth the messy kitchen you get when you bake from scratch!


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