Saturday, September 1, 2012

Making Life Smoother

Ok.  So lunch took precedence over quilting.  With Frank, everything takes sooooo looooooong.  But if you hang in there with him, you can get some rewards.

And I am so up for anything that makes my life smoother.  Huh, don't you agree?  The box says so.  I am all for that

Like just now.  You know we have been having this discussion about the blender.  I have been lusting after the Vitamix and asking you if you had one, and if you loved it.  Well, we needed some things at Sam's Club like toilet paper and dog bones.  And we came home with $600 worth of stuff.  You know how that goes.  Admittedly, it was the biggest purchase at Sam's I had ever made, but maybe the best!

The dogs got this

                                    I got this

And it comes in red!!!!!!

Here it is emerging from it's box.  It is 3.2 horsepower.  32 ounce plastic container, the one I have now is a beautiful glass container but man, is it heavy! And it is .9 horsepower.  So this one is a monster!

 Here are the powerful button control.   It can heat up soups!  I am so wanting soup now.  I know, 100 degrees outside in the end of August in South Louisiana, but I sure do want soup 'bout now!  LOL.

Clean up?you ask.  Just put a cup of warm water in the container, add a drop of dish detergent and ZUN it up.

It is designed to fit under the cabinets and it does.  Although I won't keep it out, my kitchen is too cluttered as it is now.  Carrie will get my Kitchenaid blender, which is the most powerful one they make.

 So you are wondering what I did when Frank went to check on the CAAWS shelter and pick up his mail?  I ZUNNED.  I looked around the countertop and saw apples.  Poor apples, just in the worng place at the wrong time.  I cut one open and cleared the seeds.  They have cyanide, you know, apple seeds.  So I dropped the 4 quarters in the container and pushed "Juice"  In 14 seconds I had the next thing to apple juice.

I am in love!  


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