Sunday, September 2, 2012

Stash Report 9-2-12 Will Finish Out August

used this week -8
used in august -25.5
added this week 0
Add in August 5.75
Used YTD -144
Added YTD 128
Stash reduction -16

I had a great week.  And I had a great urge to buy some blenders, but I resisted and bought nothing, nil, nada.

And I was rewarded with a great reduction figure of 16 yards in the negative!  YES!  I am sooo back!

This week I did a the bindings on three quilts, large quilts at that:

The Dogs
The Mystery War Between the States
The Plaid Shirt Bargello

I did a machine binding on the Mystery Quilt to get it done and I still need a label.  I hate to put labels on!  Really I do.

And the rest of the yardage was counting the paperweight quilt.  I have used mostly strips from the scrap bins but still count them because I am using up fabric.

I have two more quilts that are ready to be put on the long arm and finished while I am on a roll.  I want to do some words as well.  Word quilts from Tonya Riccuci's Word Play.  What fun!  Maybe we should have a quilt along!



  1. Your stash busting numbers are really are on a roll!

  2. Congrats on being in the black!


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