Monday, October 15, 2012

Design Wall Monday 10-15-12

 On the Retreat last weekend, I completed three tops.  Three tops!  One of them, the Saints that will be for Matt, the favorite nephew man boy.

I will begin to quilt this baby this week.  Close quilting about 1 inch apart.  This was a fun quilt, and it finished pretty quickly.  Of course at the retreat I didn't have to let a dog in or out once!  LOL.

On Saturday night, while Frank was watching LSU win, I made a pillow with the extras strips that were left over from the quilt.  I used an 18 x 18 pillow form and an 18 inch zipper.  I put the zipper in like my seamstress mother taught me to do in garments.

I sure hated to sew those zippers in my youth.  But I hated button holes more.  So I put in zippers.

I think a few of my zippers were imperfectly placed!

When I took Home Ec in high school, we had to make a blouse. The sleeve was a regular set in sleeve. The way the teacher taught was to baste the sleeve in.  My mother never basted the sleeve, but I did to get the grade. My friend Ann basted her sleeve in as well.  But she forgot to sew it later.

The day we had to wear our blouses to school, her sleeve fell off.  She got an F.  I got a C because my button holes looked like crap.



  1. I hate button holes snaps!

  2. Love the quilt and what a great pillow to go with it. I hate button holes and zippers. I just put over lapping flap on the pillows:)

  3. The blouse I made in 8th grade Home Ec. was too small for me by the time it was finished at the end of the semester! I hated it anyway. It had been handled so much it looked worn.

  4. Ooh! Love these strips! how fun this is -- the perfect man quilt! :)

  5. Well, I had to laugh because I got a B in Home Ec (sewing) but I hated it. My grandmother was a professional seamstress and my mother sewed like a dream. I could but didn't like sewing until I was bitten by the quilting bug. Still don't like sewing clothing but could if pressed, I think.


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