Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Sunday Stash Report 10-14-12

It is Sunday again and time for the stash report.  I was thinking that I would be wallowing in negative figures since the River City Silent Auction was last Thursday and I can never get out of those things without having 3 figures in my check.

An amazing thing happened, I was so busy with working the auction that at the last minute I failed to hear the 2 minute warning and I lost all but one of my basket bids.  So I only took home $15 of new stash.

So my addition to the stash is only 2 yards of solid purple fabrics.  Go buddy!   From the Bright Hopes quilt shop trip I also added a pack of  Veggie FQs and the reds and silvers to do the Chevy hanging with.

But because of the retreat last weekend I finished 3 tops and last night the Saints pillow for Matt.  So the backings will come soon enough.  But the tops ate up a lot of already in the stash fabrics!  Go buddy!

used this week -16
used in Sept -46.16
added this week 9
Add in Sept 36
Used YTD -190.16
Added YTD 171
Stash reduction -19.16


  1. Way to stay in the black. Though, I hope you didn't lose any baskets you had your heart set on from the auction.

  2. My stash increase by 32 yards just this weekend. That doesn't include the other stuff I bought on-line last week or the package of 18 yards that was on my desk when I came to work 10/15/12. Oops!


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