Sunday, October 21, 2012

Stash Report 10-21-12 - Down 25!

Good week of not buying stuff, but bad week in usage!  No pictures, you will have to stop in tomorrow to see the work from the week.

I did piece together some random Halloween fabrics for the backing for Jack and Gourdy Throw A Party.  I finished the meander quilting on it yesterday and planned to begin the Saints quilting but you know how that goes.  I will save the backing for next week.

And I finally made a new iron board cover with some ticking I had.  Nice.  However it probably cost me more than it would have to purchase a new cover.  However, this cover is sturdily made and made of ticking so should not tear so quickly as the last one.  It seemed to be made of thin cotton.

We shall see. I am 25 yards down.

used this week -6
used in Sept -52.15
added this week 0
Add in Sept 36
Used YTD -196.16
Added YTD 171
Stash reduction -25.16


  1. Your handmade cover is going to be much sturdier than the store bought ones.

  2. Looking forward to seeing your finishes. Your pups are too cute!


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