Monday, October 22, 2012

Design Wall Monday 10-22-12 and Flying Monkeys

Jack and Gourdy back
Let's see if I can get the month correct here!  LOL.  My Stash Report still is using the September designation.......Maybe I am just that far behind.

The mornings I get up early to do the Design Wall post, Judy does not.  When I am late, she is early!  You would think a woman up with the chickens would be up up.

This week I finished quilting Jack and Gourdy Throw A Party.  I need to do the binding yet this week, maybe it will be completed before Halloween this year!  I showed Frank the finished quilting and he looked at it pensively.  I said...what?  He thought some additional seconds and then ventured cautiously.......that white around the edge, is that really the color you want to use?  I said.....what?  So far I am in the dark as to what he is even saying.  That white....he says again, repeating the intelligible once more as he is wont to do.  I point to the batting sticking out of the edge, This?

Yes, he says. Hmmmm.....You would think he would have gained some knowledge by living with me all these years........

I am working on another UFO from about 4 years ago now, the Morocco Quilt that is a Patch No Work pattern.  It is intended for my bed and will be queen sized.

I have 4 more quilts to go on the quilt frame and a couple of customer quilts to put together   One will be a baby quilt that cute baby who already has one of my lovelies.

See my witchy shoes and great ghostie socks?  And the flying monkey sleeps.........


  1. Sometimes in the dark is good. Only a year into quilting, I showed my husband a kit for quilt top and said look it is only $$. Can I get it? It is a good deal. His reply,"Yeah but what about the backing and the batting."

  2. That Patch No Work is going to be GORGEOUS! You need to get it on the bed, girl!

    Love Frank's comment on the white. I was really laughing at that one.

    And the shoes are all YOU.....

  3. Love your pumpkins and the way they practically glow against that dark background!

  4. The quilt is so cute even with the white! LOL!!! The Boo socks rock!

  5. What a sweet, sweet man! He must have been overwhelmed by the sexy- ness of those socks and couldn't think straight.

  6. Great quilt, even with the white. ;-) And the socks are great, too. I used to have a bunch of fun socks, when I went out to work. Now, not so much. Love your dog. I thought only my dog slept with her head hanging like that. But peaceful.


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