Thursday, November 29, 2012

Journal covers???? takers on the journal many out there in Blogland want a tutorial?  They make great stocking stuffers or gifts for quilter friends or co-workers.  They are cheap and fast!  And personal, let's not forget that!

This is not my invention, I found it in a search of journal covers, but I really like the ease of the technique and how it is the best fitting cover I have ever made.  Some of the ones you have to use measurements, that makes them more complicated having to FDA all the figuring.  But this one is lickety split quick.

And you can use way cuter fabric than I did.  I wanted to test it and had an orphaned BQ block that worked nicely for both of my journal books.

I will get the pictures and the info ready for you.    Just let me know.

Meanwhile I have a bones pattern to test and a poinsettia project for the fiber group to invent.  I have been thinking about what to do......I have several ideas. but none of them are wowing me.

What about you guys?  Any ideas for poinsettias  in a 9x12 ish format for an art fiber group?



  1. I want to know how make one. I found a pattern for a portfolio that I plan to make soon. As far as poinsettias, I bought one made of crawfish claws and gar fish bones at the broadmoore craft fair. So you could make it in fabric using something unexpected for the flower petals.

  2. Would love a tut on the journal covers! Thanks for sharing your creativity with us.

  3. I would like to make a journal cover too. Thanks for offering to do a tut.

  4. Well, I'm cheap and fast, so these would suit me just fine :-) please do a tutorial for you adoring fans! Thank you on advance

  5. I just searched Pinterest and found this pointsetta pillow.

  6. Well, no good ideas re poinsettia images, but I'd definitely like a journal cover tutorial. Thanks (I'd come do one in person but we're nowhere near Baton Rouge yet.)

  7. I'd love a journal cover tutorial! And as for poinsettia pattern ideas, there were two pretty blocks used in the Christmas Town Sampler project spearheaded by Denise Russart of Justquiltin': here's a link to an appliqued one:, and here's a link to a pieced one: They're both beautiful! I hope they give you some inspiration! Thanks for keeping me entertained with your stories! :-) Sorry for talking in all exclamation points. You just do that to me!


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