Thursday, November 29, 2012

Iron Memorials

My beloved Rowenta iron that cost me a small fortune ($225.00 to be exact) the year Katrina hit has died.  Services will be held Saturday December 1, 2012 at the home of Glenda and Frank Parks.  The public is invited to share memories of their beloved irons and share the grief felt by the mourning couple.

"We have never had a more faithful servant," Mr. Parks stated in a taped interview earlier this week.  "My Dockers will never be so well creased again!"

Mrs. Parks agreed, "Yes, that Rowenta was the best friend I ever had.  It kept going and going and going, and never turned off.  Will I ever find a better friend?  My life is so empty feeling right now. And my shirt is so wrinkled, why did it have to leave us now?  Oh, WHY?"

After years of service to the family's clothes, the Rowenta iron will be sent to Iron Heaven where it will have a place of honor among the lesser irons of the Parks' Family.

Post Script:  Another iron has been found to fill the holes in the family's hearts.  A DiLongi Turbo Steam 1800 watt iron, but it will never fill the shoes of the incredible late Rowenta Iron.  It was a thing of beauty and substance.  And never let us down.


  1. I loved my Rowenta but after she suffered a serious fall from the ironing board, (courtesy of my DH)she was never the same. I have since replaced her with a Shark and we have a wonderful relationship.

  2. R.I.P., little Rowie - I lost mine many moons ago...good old girl...

  3. At least you didn't buy an Oliso which is uber pricey and doesn't last longer than 3 months!

  4. My condolences on your loss, such a faithful friend. After a respectable morning period I'm sure you will find a newer younger model. I almost bought a reliable last year but couldn't bring myself to dish out over 100 bucks for an iron. $225! Omg! Are they worth it?

  5. I loved my Rowenta and it worked well for me for many years, until the switch corroded and that was that. I've sinced bought a Tfal which is fine, but not as good. Unfortunately with iron, the pricier ones aren't always better. my condolences.


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