Friday, November 30, 2012

Working Friday

Thanks to all who shared my grief at the demise of my beloved iron.  It was such a good iron.  I am hoping the one I ordered will be as good.  We shall see.  I have heard several bad reports about the Oliso Irons.  The quilt shop has stopped carrying them and sent the rest of their product back to the distributor.  They had major problems with them.  So sad, it was such a good idea!

Today was a frustrating day, between saving McGee's life repeatedly and trying to do some work with the longarm, I gave up on both and finally told McGee if he has such a death wish, he might as well get it over with.  He broke into my sewing room and distributed the contents of my trash can throughout the living room.  For which I put him outside.  He undid the tie out and got into the bird seed.  For which I put him inside.  He then broke into Frank's office and at the corners off the Land's End box that was delivered this morning.  For which I put him outside.  This went on three more times.

I am currently not speaking to him and considered not feeding him due to all the bird seed and fabric he probably ate.

The long arm is a pain in the patooty today again.  I gave up when I finally got the tension set correctly, I think, because of the number of times I had to leave to save McGee's life.

Then I decided to work on the Saints quilt, and now have all but two squares quilted.  I can get those done tonight after dinner with friends.  I think I will have some stiff beers!

And a few minutes ago, I was greeted with this marvelous scene.  Have you ever seen a more beautiful end to a day? Is that color magenta?  Whatever it is, it is beautiful!



  1. I'll join you for a beer or two! Somedays just happen... Hugs.

  2. Remember McGee is a baby on mess. The mess keep him from remembering what he can and shouldn't do. Also baby's need to chew, eat, explore, and put things in their mouth. God rewarded you with that wonderful end.

  3. McGee is such a rascal! I agree with Charlene - God knew you needed some beauty and she gave you some, funny how mother nature works sometimes. have you tried putting hotsauce on everything or does McGee eat that too?

  4. I think McGee just wanted his 15 minutes on your blog! About the Oliso iron, I haven't ever used one but Fons and Porter used to use it on their show and go "oooh, see how you can set it flat and it pops up!" This season I notice it's been replaced with another brand. Just saying...


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