Saturday, December 1, 2012

Suddenly Saturday

I woke up this morning with the idea that we would eat breakfast, get DiNozzo and Chloe walked (McGee and I stand at the end of the driveway and wait, that seems to make him happy just to be out in front) and head out to meet some cyclist buddies and ride.

The morning went a bit awry when McGee started throwing up.  I made him throw up fabric scraps he ate yesterday, but now I am thinking that he has more in there and they are blocking stuff from going down.  So after a nice chat with the vet I took him in.

He is there, getting sonogramed and hopefully fixed back to normal.

And YES......he went through TWO barricades to get to the sewing room.

But we did get to see the pelicans at the Lakes!  We dropped him off and headed out to meet the group.  We got in 12.8 miles this morning before heading home.

Addendum:  picked McGee up from vet at 1:30 pm and he looked like he was going to live.  They gave him barium and x-rayed all the way down.  They found fabric in his lower intestines, I guess it cleared out.

I have pills and a probiotic for him now.......stupid dog.  I have no idea what kind of barricade to use now that he can open all mine.


  1. that's insane - the dog needs some counseling LOL

  2. Poor puppy. I have a cat that has a ribbon fetish. Gross.

    Hope he is ok.

  3. those pelicans are so beautiful! sounds like a great day, you deserve it. Does the vet have any suggestions on what to do with McGee? what would the dog whisperer do?


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