Monday, December 31, 2012

Reflections, Camera Zoom and Cat Heat

Happy New Year!  Soon........

It has been wild around here with the 4 dogs.  But now they are about exhausted and are sleeping. I hope that means that the next 24 hours will be easier!

I have 35 blocks from the Reflections quilt completed.  I worked most of the afternoon when I was not getting up and removing dog's ears from dog's mouths and refereeing free for all runs through the house.  It is cold outside and they go out for a bit but want in pretty quickly.  If the cat goes out they all jockey for position to be the first dog out with the cat......for obvious reasons.

Sorting the fabrics for Reflections was in the high mid level of difficulty because you had to decide if a fabric was light or dark.  Often there was no cut and dried decision.  So you can see that the quilt so far is not totally dark and light.  There are medium blends in there as well.  I have yet to add the very light center to any of the blocks, I think I will get it all together and see what they look like with that stark contrast.  I may want a lower contrast for the center.

Or none at all.  We shall see.

The cat is so cold that she hugs anything with heat.  She has been sleeping with DiNozzo, who is terrified to move once Cali settles in with him.  He knows she is no benevolent tyrant and will take his nose off in a flash second.  Chloe has shown him her cat scars on her elegant nose.  He learns quickly.  Frank also knows not to push that cat off his computer and to use words that do not use letters under her.  She likes the fan port of the laptop.  At night, she curls in his lap sucking his heat into her fur.

I was intrigued to see this new piece of artwork Carrie had in her entry way.  Can you see what it is?  It is Paint Chips!  That girl is really talented.  I wish I had her way with color and invention. I need to copy it in a quilt for her birthday, maybe she would like that.  She has not liked anything I have made so far.  I am sure you have daughters who like your stuff, is that even possible?

Oh, and I wanted to show you some of the pictures with the zoom lens.

 This is the high power wires that mark the boundary of Baton Rouge proper.  We live on the Baton Rouge side but the street beyond the power lines is what is called "the Parish".  Outside of city limits, they have the Sheriff rather than the BR Police but most everything else is the same.

No one lives in the "no man's land" beyond our property to the property of the people in the next subdivision, which is Millwood.

Here are the lines close up.  This is where the red tailed hawks often sit looking for small things to eat for dinner.

 And this is looking out to my deck and Japanese Garden area, now stark and cold in winter.  And this is the closeup of the bird bath and the loon rock.  Pretty sharp!  Nice focus in that zoom shot.  Much better than the old camera!  So it was a good deal to get the new one.

We are waiting for the ball to drop tonight, and I will be sewing!

Have a safe celebration, where ever you are!


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  1. We all have at least 1 Carrie. They might like it but they would never tell us. I figure she does like some of your stuff which is why quilts are missing from your gift pile and just how many baby quilts did she get to give as gifts to her friends.


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