Thursday, January 17, 2013

It's My Birthday and I Can Cry if I Want To........

But good thing I don't want to!  It is such a beautiful day after all the last two weeks that rained so much.  I dumped our rain gauge 3 times and had 2.25 inches this morning when I  dumped it.  That totals 17.25 inches in two weeks.  No wonder it was flooding everywhere!

So far my day has been wonderful!  I made sure Frank was in a good mood by preparing Muesli and St. John's Wort Tea for breakfast.  The tea promotes good moods, and sometimes he really needs it!

more messy room
has a stand for the iron
He presented me with a new huge ironing board with a shelf under the ironing surface.  I thought, that is silly to have a shelf, but wouldn't you know, I found 18 things to put into it!  And a big bottle of Amaretto, of which I partook immediately.

We had lunch with Carrie at Jason's Deli; a huge baked potato with a fruit salad.  No presents were forthcoming.  But I was assured that when I went to her house on Saturday for dinner I would receive a present at that time.

I spent the afternoon whipping up this little baby, another of Judy's patterns, from Mo and Mike Designs.  A new one I am testing for user errors!  I think I put the flower upside down.  Which way is up for you?

Charlene called and was the first to sing Happy Birthday to me!  It was wonderful to hear from Charles saying Leslie was discharged following her stroke last week.  I hope to visit her this weekend.  The concern at the hospital was the patients with the flu compromising her condition so they let her go home.  She will do rehab as an outpatient.

That is a good thing.

When to another dinner with Ann and Press.  Steak this time.  And the most incredible doberge cake, the traditional 1/2 lemon and 1/2 chocolate.  It is pronounced "doe-bash" if you are not from New Orleans!  You will not put a more wonderful thing on your tongue than a doberge cake.  Ann gave me a hand woven Laurel Burch dog purse!  The most wonderful thing.  And some doggy fabrics, nice lights. Poodles and dalmations and of course the Smelly Bassets!
Mouth Watering Doberge

For those interested in the Doberge origin check this out from
The 1987 privately published "Let's Bake with Beulah Ledner" cookbook by Maxine Wolchansky, Ledner's daughter, explains how the "Doberge Queen of New Orleans" adapted the famous Hungarian dobos torta to the local climate and gave it a French-sounding name, doberge. Ledner retired in 1981 at the age of 87 and died at age 93, leaving a legacy that lives on in her recipes (bought by Gambino's) for this popular cake that can be found and all over New Orleans.

My  grandmother lived just down from the Ledner's Bakery.  When I stayed with her on the weekends, after Mass at St. Roch's or St. Louis Cathedral with Aunt Annie, we would go to the bakery on the corner and get sweets for Sunday Dinner when my parents came to pick me up.

I am stuffed, from toes to gills.  I could not eat a pinch more of anything.

Have had a wonderful wonderful day with my friends and family.  I even loved the bag the purse came in!

The tea worked, Frank was nice all day long!  LOL



  1. Happy birthday and that cake looks wonderful! so much rain, hope it won't come back for awhile.

  2. Happy birthday! Sounds like you had a great day and I wish you the same for the coming year:-) frank is a smart man getting that ironing board - love! Most women would get an ironing board for their birthday and bitch about it but for quilters it's a major thing .
    Th flower looks to me like a lady slipper (at least that's what we call it up here) and if so, the down is right.

    I finished max the yellow lab finally! Check him out on my blog:-)

  3. I missed your birthday, I'm so sorry! Looks like it was more than wonderful!! I love your new purse, so cute! And that cake, looks delish, can you send me a small taste of the lemon side?? Yummy.
    Did you ever find that second pink bow for your baby quilt?


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