Friday, January 18, 2013

Off the Wall Friday

Don't forget to send me suggestions of a good mid range sewing machine I can tote around to classes and retreats.

I keep forgetting about Off the Wall Friday.  Nina Marie!  I signed up for the design class by Elizabeth Barton!  Yes, I am so excited!  It is just what I need and want.

The next Challenge in the Fiber Group is to interpret Fifty Shades of Grey.  Since I have decided not to read the book, I googled the title and learned a lot..........OK, back now.

I thought I would do a black background, various shades of grey leather, and the pink fuzz from my 40th Reunion tiara.  Oh, and a piece of chain.

That should do it.

Meanwhile, I am working on a pattern for Judy M of Mo and Mike.  It is one of the new ones coming out and I am doing a bit of testing for her.  It needs the binding, but I really like it.  But I did put the flower on upside down.  And a few have noticed!

Hop on over to Nina Marie's place and see what the others are working on today.



  1. I have a ton of machines. I usually quilt on my Bernina here at home. But I hate to take it with me, bulky and heavy. Plus it was a pricey machine and I really don't want to ruin it by toting hither and yon. :)
    I have 5 or 6 pfaffs, I usually take one of those. First of all, the built in walking food is WONDERFUL! Next to Pfaff, I love Janome machines, but none of mine are real portable. A Janome Gem is a nice little machine to take with you.
    Or how about an old Singer Featherweight? I hear that they are wonderful portable machines! (I'd LOVE to have one!)

    My favorite pfaff machines are the 7570, 7520, 7560, 7550, and the 7530. These are older machines, but they are GREAT! I also have a 2054 which is much newer, but I don't like it nearly as well as the ones in the 7500 line.
    The built in walking foot is worth a whole lot of money. You can use it on multiple feet, and you can use it for some of the fancy stitches as well, in case you wanted to quilt something like say a crazy quilt with a feather stitch or something.

    With new machines, find out who makes it, doesn't matter what name is on it, most machines are made by someone else! Elna's look just like Janomes for a reason, Janome has been making Elna's machines for a while. Bernina makes their own sewing machines, their own sergers plus a lot of the other sergers out there. :) Kenmore machines used to be made by Janome as well. I think Singer actually makes their own machines at this time. Pfaffs used to be made in Germany (the 7500 line was made in Germany) but the newer machines are NOT made in Germany.

  2. I don't think you can go wrong with any of the Janome or Berninas. I use an old Husqvarna Viva as my portable and I love it, but I just happen upon it at my LQS about 10 years ago for $150!

  3. You know I used a Kenmore for years - then my Elna - both were fine for toting to classes. I never had a days problem with either. That said - my Janome has spoiled me - everytime I have to sew on my Elna I think how much I miss my horizon! So I'm lugging that to class - all 30 lbs of her!

    Congrats on taking the class - I know you'll love it and her. Make sure you post your progress and let me know if you need any help.

    I decided today that I'm taking Elizabeth's new class on abstract composition in person this summer - I'm excited because it will be a big departure from what I normally do and I haven't had an adventure in a while!


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