Monday, February 25, 2013

Baby Steps

What a great name for this quilt!  I put it together this morning while it rained outside.  it is about 42 x 48, just the perfect size for baby steps!

On Sunday, we had lunch in Hammond with the family of Maylee and delivered her the quilt and the little doll quilt.  Her eyes got huge when she saw the tiny quilt!  It was so funny watching her.  I think it ended up with ketchup all over it because she wouldn't let go of it all during dinner!

The accord drove beautifully and got 37.8 miles per gallon, and that car is loaded with all kinds of stuff.  Technology is really improving.  He works in the oil and gas field and it was a bit distressing to see that, but on the other hand he was totally amazed by the staggering figures!  I think he loves that car.

Frank spent the morning with the two "little girls" who work at the dealership and assist old people with setting up their phone and iPod and XM stuff in the new cars.

He called me and said he needed the Really Really Remedial Course and they told him he could come back as many times as he needed to.  

We shall see what balance his male ego has with his eye for young cute blondes who giggle and help him.  Hmm......maybe I should have gone with him!

But then again, I think having lunch Sunday with Maylee's dad (who is his age) will keep him on the straight and narrow!  LOL.   Yep!

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