Monday, February 4, 2013

Preparing for the Retreat

I ahve so much I want to take to the retreat.  I hve so much I need to get done.  I may just take a totally new project and start and finish it there.

I can download my next class at Quilt University if the internet is working.  Sometimes it does, sometimes not.  The retreat center is smack dab in the middle of the country!  Nice!  But you need to have everything you need, or think you will need!

What I really need is to have a long arm set up there!  LOL.  I need to finish some of the tops in this pile that is growing ever higher.  I think I could just about outfit everyone in Baton Rouge with a quilt if I finished them all.  A hiatus needs to be declared on the creation of new patterns and fabric lines until I get my pile managed.

You can take a free class at QU if you want to test the water and see how you like it.  I find that I can take classes that challenge me to learn new things, rather than just to have another UFO laying around.  I really love QU.

 Meanwhile, I went to the grocery and purchased a small tube of toothpaste to take with me and DiNozzo happened to it.  I went out to put the grocery bags into the bag holder outside when I noticed the remains of the box scattered all over the yard.  It wan't until then I realized I had no more toothpaste for the retreat.  Thank you, DiNozzo!

More later, I need to go get myself a design notebook with no lines on the pages.


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  1. Enjoy your retreat! Great pic of DiNozzo.
    I like the Craftsy classes, they can be pricey but if you watch, they sometimes have good sales.

    Hope you remember everything for your retreat, no matter how much I make lists I always forget something.


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