Monday, March 18, 2013

Biking on a Sunday Afternoon

We have a dinner party this afternoon so we decided to bike to Taco Bell and grab some Doritos Tacos for lunch.  Love those things.  You need to try them if you haven't yet.

Our total today was 7.4 miles.  I need to find an easy way to keep track of our mileage.  Anybody ride and use an app to track their mileage?  I have tried several and none seem to fit what I need.  Since the battery change last year we have ridden 2943 miles.  Not a bad total, but it doesn't show on my body.  I guess the lunches keep the calorie count up.  We usually ride distances with the Bike Group but we also stop at Coffee Call and eat beignets (ben-yays for you non-Cajun peoples) and drink that thick New Orleans coffee and chicory.  Both sets of grandmothers used to save the leftover drip coffee and put it up in the ice box in mayonnaise jars for the next day.  That is when it thickened!

I MUST work on quilt stuff this week.  What do I have to do this week, I wonder?  Carrie's 4th Anniversary is Thursday ( have to get a giftie) , I have quilt meetings on Tues and Wed nights, and a paperpiecing class on Tuesday.

In the meantime, on my design wall is the Bamboo Bonsai that needs threadpainting, the Fiber Group's Green challenge for March and those dogs.  Oye, those dogs.  I am hoping to get that STARTED.  Then I have my Mystery #2 to cut ou, Taking Names to put together and the two Saints Pillows that Karen and Matt wanted me to make for them.

It seems I have a lot of work, so I'd better get going!


  1. Bike riding sounds fun. I don't know of an app for it but maybe google or bing about it. One of those search engines are bound to have info.

  2. You plan for this week sounded daunting: how are you doing? Taco Bell is one of my favorites and beignets are to die for. But neither is good for the waistline. Happy quilting.


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