Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Dog Quilt

Something I forgot to mention about the dog quilt is how the fabric made quick work of the dog blocks.

Look at the backing.  See how the piece is printed with the blocks.  That is one piece of fabric, no piecing.

So I took a 9 inch ruler, centered the dog motif and used the red around the edges as a "fake" pieced triangle.

Picture it.  Look deep into the quilt.  You are getting sleepy.  Sleepy.  Send me all your fabric.........LOL

 Frank is currently at the doctor's office getting fitted for his monitor.  I had a thought this morning while washing my hair.  I want one of those fitness monitors.  I saw one on TV the other day, and it monitors your steps and your heart rate among other things.

I wonder if it would be good to give one to Frank and just let him monitor himself all day long.  He obsesses constantly anyway.  And he brings a BP machine with him everywhere he goes.  But his BP is prefect it is the electrical part of his heart that has problems.

Anyone have one of those fitness monitors?  Would it work for that?

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  1. I have a fitbit. I'm sure it's not as finely tuned as more high end medical machines but I love mine. I like to track steps during the day and this is perfect for that (any other one I've ever used has always fallen off at some point during the day and then reset the step counts - doh!). And the sleep monitor is neat. Very interesting to log onto my iphone and check how restless I was overnight!


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