Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Finally......Dog Quilt is Quilted

After having been on a non-quilting jag, I am now on a quilting jag.

Close up of a Dog
Got this beauty done.  Once I finally got which way the bobbin went into the case right, the quilt under the correct bars and my shirt unrolled from the take up roller (that was quite a pickle let me say) the quilting went pretty quickly. 
On the Machine

And I got to the last 6 inches by 3 inches in the very bottom corner
when the bobbin ran out.  Of course.  Luckily I had run two bobbins before I started or else I may
not have ever quilted that tiny corner!
Front done

Ok, I guess you want to know just how I got my shirt rolled up in the bottom take up roller.  LOL.  Remember it is just me and the dogs at the moment.  So I was rolling the far top wheel and my stretchy jersey top hooked on the the sticky cotton
Back done
batting and just rolled right up in the roll.

Luckily I was at least close to the roller end but I was in an uncomfortable position and had a hard time reaching the gear end to release the roller pressure.  The dogs were no help at all.  They just laughed.

So I got the dog quilt quilted.  And the back is beautiful.  The front is beautiful.  The tension is beautiful.  The stitches
are perfect.  The machine head was easy to control.  The bars were easy to roll (except for the shirt episode).  The quilt is smooth and flat.   Everything was perfect.

I used the Red Snappers for the first time.  They were tight to put on, but will loosen up as they are used.  They held the quilt taut and I did not have to stick my fingers with all those stupid pins.  I love them.  Paula was concerned that the machine needle would run over the edge of the snapper, but it butted up against it without running over it.

I give them a thumbs up, if you are looking for an easy way to put your quilt on the frame quickly.  I will have to take pictures later, since I did not get them when it was all together, of course.

Oh, wait, there is one photo!  I took it to show you how much I had left when the bobbin ran out!


  1. So you are getting better at using your new machine - hum. Sounds like I will be in for a fight in June for the quilting throw down. Hope Frank is ok.

  2. WOW! So beautiful! And I love a good dog quilt anyday! Sounds like a quilting adventure i might have if I ever get a chance to use a long-arm.

  3. Looks great! Now you are going to quilt up all those tops right??


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