Friday, January 17, 2014

You Say Its Your Birthday!

Today is my birthday. The Beatles decided to sing me a birthday song and I want to share it with you.

 That is how old I am.  But I really feel much older. And not so special.

Actually, I had my grey hairs dyed yesterday and I told Theresa that today would be my birthday and she tossed out some number that was below my actual age.  And I thought, she is  being so nice.

But when I told her I was 60, she called me a liar several times.  Unfortunately I am not.  But it did make me feel better that the woman who once a month colors my grey didn't think I was that old!

Don't you just love that cake  I showed it to Frank three weeks ago and said that is the cake I want.  LOL.  I am pretty sure I won't get it!  LOL.


  1. McGee eating toilet paper?? LOL

    Happy Birthday you spring chick!

  2. Happy birthday!! The cake is really cute. My husband had a birthday Tuesday and he had a Duck Dynasty cake.

  3. Happy birthday! I hope you do something just for yourself and enjoy the day, the week , the year, the decades :-)

  4. Happy birthday! This fellow basset hound owner LOVES the cake you chose. Too bad you weren't closer, I"d make that for you! :)

  5. Oh! Happy Birthday!! Tell Frank to call Amazing Cakes in Baton Rouge, my friend Joan is the owner and her cakes are Amazing!! I hope you have a great day - and that also Frank is feeling better!

  6. Welcome to the 60s - I've been here a few months now. Hope you get your awesome cake!

  7. Happy Birthday! Today is my son's birthday too - he's complaining how old he's getting (29) but not getting any sympathy from his 60 yr old mom, me - hope there is awesome cake in your day!


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