Saturday, January 18, 2014

How the Birthday Turned Out

Since I was not sure if anyone would be taking a picture of me on my day, I took this selfie with the new camera Frank gave me.  I had decided at some point in the afternoon that I  would grow to love it.

I do so love my cameras, and still mourn the demise of the Canon AE1 I  so loved.  But yes, the digitals are so much better!

There were a slew of people at the restaurant when we arrived.  Frank had talked to all of them before Christmas and they all knew what they were doing.

On our way over to the restaurant, Carrie called on the car phone.  It was crystal clear, but she kept saying, you are breaking up dad.  He says I can hear you fine.  She repeated it, then finally said, would you please pick up the phone!

The most shocking thing was seeing my cousin Karen!  I was  so surprised and glad to see her!

I got a few gifts which I will show you in another post.

It was an amazing night, I was in the middle of my closest and most wonderful  friends!

 Here I am, blowing out my candles.  Not all 60 would fit on the cake!  But you can see it was ablaze anyway!

Oh, Carrie found a Butternut Cream cake from Cake Goddess!  It was amazing!


  1. Sounds like a fun b-day evening!!

  2. ohhh Glen - I love your selfie and I know you just took it so you could make us all jealous that you look 10 yrs younger. What a great birthday!! I remember I got a surprise party for my 40 - it was three weeks early so it shocked me! I loved getting presents just like when you are a kid again - embarrassing but truly fun!! Happy and Happy and Happy more!


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