Tuesday, February 18, 2014


I just ordered (and received) a book by Stephanie Dunphy (like in Modern Family, my favorite show!) called Uncommonly Corduroy.  And I learned two things.

One:  I never really have spelled the word before, never really had to.  I had read it but obviously I do not write it often.  It just looked weird when I wrote it.

Two:  Corduroy is numbered.  Like, 6 wale and 12 wale, of which 6 wale is larger.  And 21 wale is nice and soft and cuddly when used in quilts.  I have sewn since I was able to hold and needle and sit at a  machine.  And I have used corduroy but there were always other names for the wales.  Like Baby Wales, or Giant Wale.    There were other names I can't remember, I have tried to block out all those years I was forced into child  labor by my perfectionist mother.

But I digress.

Check out her book.  It is her first.   At least I think it is her first.  She blogs at Loft Creations.  And she has a great dog, Abby, who converses with the Bad Basset Boyz from time to time.  When the Boyz found out she has her own quilt in this book, they were mightily annoyed I had not made them one.  McGee said he was hungry, after all.

Her back yard is gorgeous, and her quilts are insanely wonderful.  There are a lot of bags in this one, and I have friends who love to make bags!

I bought it for the quilt on the cover.   I guess this is not giving away any secret stuff, if you can see this on Amazon you can see it on my blog post. And I am pretty sure she would most likely not mind the free advertising, I did not get my book for free or anything.  And she didn't send me free quilts either.  So this is jjut

I just like her and her book.  And her designs.  And how easy she makes the patterns sound.  And the modern slant she is into.  And that quilt on the cover.

So .......   all that said, I need to find some corduroy on sale.  I figure since this is spring, there would be some good sales.

Do you know of any?  I can't wait to try quilting me some corduroy.......still think that u is funny in there.


  1. :o) Free advertising is wonderful. You are kind. Can't wait to see your cover quilt!

  2. Thanks for sharing! When you said bags I knew I would need to look for it. I'm off to Amazon next.

  3. I have used corduroy for the backing of charity quilts, and it quilted beautifully.

  4. I have always loved corduroy. I had a culotte jumper in high school my Mom made me out of printed corduroy. I wore it until it didn't fit any more. I wish I still had it so I could use the fabric in a quilt!

  5. Just checking out your blog and see that you are looking for corduroy. I was at Sew This in Abita Springs yesterday and they have their baby wale corduroy on sale and I believe it is 60 inches wide. The sale was 50% off but yesterday was 75% off. You might check with them to see if you can still get for 75% off. They had several colors and it was very soft and good quality.
    Good luck finding some
    Betty Braud


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