Monday, February 17, 2014

Tuesday, Tomorrow Is Tuesday

Yes, Tuesday.  I am thinking that there is only one thing I have to do tomorrow.  So I am thinking that I will have some time to set up a quilt on the frame.  The Forest of Frozen Sorrows.  Cynthia Regone is coming to the guild meeting next month and she is the designer.

I am going to use a set of old curtains as the backing.  These curtains used to hang in my bedroom when we first moved into this house.  We still have the bedspread that went on my waterbed.  Those curtains lived with us in the days when Frank was obsessed with covering every inch of anything that had a look out to the outside.  We had heavy heavy window coverings that blocked out any possible view of the world.  I have no idea why he was so concerned about that.

Over the last weekend I deconstructed the two panels and tossed them into the washing machine.  I have a huge washing machine.  Remember when I got it and we would take trips to the laundry room and watch the washer work through the clear lid?  I still go in there and watch it sometimes.  I do so love to watch my clothes getting clean!

I also washed the king sized bedspread since it covers the overstuffed chair in my bedroom that the Basset Boyz insist on sleeping on despite the number of times I have kicked them off.  I have given up by now.  They win and I put the old bedspread on the chair.

I will show you the leaves on the frame tomorrow.  How's that?

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  1. Sounds like you are making a lot of progress on the sewing front! I have to keep the bathroom door that is adjacent to my bedroom partially closed due to the reflection of the moonlight off the snow. It is so bright at night!


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